Fishing: Wahoo Thailand 2012 international Competition, Thursday Feb2 to Saturday, Feb, 4pm

We, The Singapore Slingers,  competed against 22 other boats from 18 countries. Slept on the boat 3 nights, moored offv the 8 Similan Islands, about 4 hours north, by boat from Phuket Island.  Only 4 anglers per boat and the person that touches the rod must land the fish. We were the only boat to to score each of 3 days. Fishing was rotated amongst the four of us. There were 6 poles legally allowed to fish. We trolled from 8am until the “lines in” call, non stop every day, except last day deadline of 4pm. We bartered many tuna and one baracuda to local Similan Island mates and boat boys for power raft rides to and from our boat to the comand central boat each day to weigh in our wahoo. Our main competition seemed to be 3 boats, Canadians, South Africans, and the Irish.  The Irish looked like ruggers and could be heard miles away each day.  Not to be outdone, we energized our 4 anglers with 7 cases of beer consumed over the 4 days. A few Scotch and local Thai whiskeys may have been consumed in there some where.   

We brought in a nice 10.5 kg wahoo caught about 3 pm on the final day. That matched a 10.5kg wahoo caught on day 2, that was the leader at that time. Day one we recorded a nice 9.5 kg wahoo, which was beat by the Cnadians Royal Blue boat. So we were very excited when we had the lead going into day 3, for wahoo.

Awards Banquet was held at wonderful resturaunt at Rawai Beach, Phuket. About 150 attended with awards preceded by live Thai band music. Dancing went on until midnight and our guys were high stepping. I had more bounce in my step than quite a while, I might add! 

  Results:   We won 2 highest paying awards, more than 5 times the payout of any other boat. Our awards were:  Largest non-billfish award. $250,000 baht. We caught 2, 10.5 kilo wahoos  We also won Largest Wahoo Award. This was a Wahoo sponsored tournament and we hit the jackpot.  We won an all expense paid,  3 day, 2 nite fishing trip for 4 fishers and 2 “guests”:-) ,on deluxe 45 foot boat with suites.   We will use this award to win next years tourney in style!

  We celebrated well into the night,crashed at Geno’s and Lori’s party central condo,and still made it up at 6:30am for Superbowl, down in Rawai, south island, Phuket,   Cranberry vodka, OJ, pineapple juice is the new Singapore Slinger this morning.  

I have a freezer full of fresh tuna. We caught a bunch, although no 5 kilo qualifiers. All filleted with my new Rapala fillet knife.   The Wahoo  were so big, one angler,David Remus,  took home the two biggies. They stuck half way out of the large bags used for transport!

  At Chalong pier where we disimbarked at 9pm on Saturday, we gave a few more tuna to dock boys and left a huge wahoo :-) , and several tuna to our Reel Naughty One boat crew, who were responsible for getting us into the right fishing waters each of the 3 days. I might add, every fish hooked was landed except for one marlin, which Geno had for 2 minutes and the line broke.  I had pointed out earlier to “Bow”, our key first mate that there were nicks in the line of one of the big rigs.  We vowed to personally check the first 100  meters of line next year and tell the Captain before hand we want fresh line.  Oh well, winning the Marlin award could have been construed as glutony and we might have been set up for a big zero next year!   All is Welland smiles today, as we watch the Super Bowl with mass quantities of Singapore Singers.  The Singapore Slingers are: David Cook, aka Donald Duck, Bruce Conrad aka Slick, David Remus, Aka, Mr. 99er, Gene  Wasosky aka Geno, first Mate and party mixologist is Harold Steingruby, aka HB (Harold Baby) Supporting cast and vital to our smiles and some semblance of order are: Lori, Nu and Pu  This party feeling will last all day. Next stop, the pool.  

Why we started this blog

Well, my girl friend, Pu, wants to learn more English and about computers and this will help. I want to journalize my travels, pix and stories, (flash non-fiction my 22 yo son would say). Pu also wants to post pictures and maybe notes about her traditional massage shop, here in Phuket, to share with her many sisters in Thailand, and two married in  Belgium and Japan.

Life feels good, so why not shar